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Material: PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylat)

Optical Grade

Optical grade is of the best optical characteristics among our products. Applied to laptop displays and light guide panels inside LCD monitors, it is of high brightness and transparency. Minimized transmissivity decline due to yellowing by minimizing thermal deformation in processing, and secured excellent weatherability by restraining environment-dependent variations in a long term usage.

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General Purpose

General purpose grade of PMMA is largely divided into injection and extrusion purpose. Various pellet type of grades fit for the properties of customer products are available. It is important to select a grade that fits the design of the product. Refer to the following product characteristics for detailed information.

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Impact Resistant

PMMA is excellent in impact resistance compared to general glasses, but relatively lower among plastics so it is demanded to be improved in this respect. LG MMA has improved the impact resistance of PMMA using acrylic rubbers, and maintained the weatherability. Impact resistant grade of PMMA is applied to the area where impact strength is required such as signboards, lightings, displays, and vending machines.

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